What Our Business Values

Color Wheel Toys sources toys from all over, with many made in the USA and others from Indonesia, Thailand, Denmark, Italy, Korea, as well as China. We believe in fun, interesting, well made toys at a great value – not rock bottom prices, but not wallet rending, either. We set up our store to encourage our idea that any toy could be for any kid – no pink or blue aisles. The people on the pages of our books and on packaging reflects the diversity of the people in our community. We carry items by 10 local authors and makers to stock our shelves. We have lots of items that people appeal to people of all cognitive abilities and we reuse/recycle whenever possible.

We donate gift baskets for fundraising events to local 501(c)3 nonprofits, offer free play and crafting opportunities via kits and at community events, partner with other small local businesses, and promote young entrepreneurs whenever possible through an annual Youth Artisan Market.